Building a bridge to creative careers for all

Connect Program
Over the last year, we have grown our alumni programming into an essential pillar of The BrandLab. Our Connect Program moves beyond exposure and access to build a bridge from the internship to landing a full-time position in the industry. We have created a youth-led alumni association, launched a mentorship program for participants to receive one-on-one support from industry professionals, integrated college readiness trainings into summer curriculum, and structured professional development workshops to engage alumni year-round.

Hired a Youth Fellow to lead and improve alumni communications and programs.

Formed ConnectU ― a network for The BrandLab alumni, led by their peers.

Launched a mentorship program to provide long-term support for students from industry professionals.

50 initial matches of alumni with industry professionals in our new mentorship program.

Tested a Connect Internship model which will become a new program opportunity for students in the future.

Linda Pham, 3M
Carina Perez, General Mills
Michael Herr, General Mills
Maryan Garane, Target